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Writer's Block WebinarNow you have no more excuses for blaming Writer’s Block for your aversion, dislike, or avoidance of writing.

You now have access to at least 13 ways to eliminate the dreaded enemy of good writing.

When I started collecting these techniques, I thought Writer’s Block was only one problem.

The more I worked with my clients, the more I discovered that Writer’s Block is actually three problems.

Some people have trouble getting started with their writing tasks.

They struggle to find the right words or the right ideas to get their creative juices flowing.

Others have no problem writing their first sentence.


The big statement appears.

Then they’re dead.

They don’t know where to go with it.

They don’t know what more they can say.

They don’t know how to tie their ideas together in a way that makes sense.

Still others have no problem getting started; they have no problem keeping it going.

Their problem is stopping.

They have too many ideas.

They have too much information.

And they can’t seem to shut off the faucet.

They can’t control the volume or quality of what they write.

And you know what kind of writing verbal hemorrhages produce.

This webinar starts with one premise.

Clear writing comes from clear thinking.

This webinar prepares your mind (and your attitude) to create clear, focused, relevant documents.

You can easily see how this would work with letters, reports, memos, proposals, and resumes.

But this information becomes vital when creating e-mails, social media postings, and web copy.

The program zeroes in on three main targets.

1. Why Writer’s Block generates such a crippling effect on our minds

2. Proven ways to send Writer’s Block into the land of eight track tapes and DVD players

3. A newly found ease and pride in what we write.

Don’t tell your friends about this program.

That’s right. Don’t tell others.

If they learn this stuff, they will be able to figure out why you look so brilliant with your Business Writing.

It’s time for you to get the promotion, not them.

Register Now. Seating is Limited.

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