Review of Excellent E-mails – More Than Etiquette – Results

Business email accounts for most of the
business writing you will do.
Learn to do it correctly and safely.

Excellent E-mails – More Than Etiquette- Results targets one of the bigger drains on corporate productivity and profitability – ineffective, improper and incorrect use of e-mail on company computers.

How much time do your managers and executives waste reading or deleting e-mail messages they don’t want, need or ask for?

How much time do your employees waste trying to create, understand or respond to e-mails that are unclear, don’t get to the point and are poorly written?

How much time do your employees waste reading or forwarding non-business items?

Is your company at risk because you do not publish or enforce a company policy or company standards for employee use of your computers?

This book examines three areas that employers and employees need to be aware of when sending e-mails on an organizations computer.


People form an Image of you or your company by how well you communicate in person, on the phone and in writing. That now includes your e-mail messages. Communicating via e-mail is not the same as communicating in a chat room. The audience is different; the purpose is different; the expectations are different.

Do your clients “see” the same employees when they read their e-mails as they see when they meet them in person or talk to them on the phone?


Most people don’t get Results from their e-mails because they do not understand one basic fact. Most people don’t read e-mails; busy business people scan or skim through e-mail. For this reason, creating successful e-mails demands the correct approach along with specific techniques and strategies.

How many of your employees send e-mails to co-workers in the next cubicle or take 30 minutes to compose a message they could convey easier and more effectively in a five minute phone call? How much waste of time, productivity and profitability do you see every day in your organization?


Employers need to be aware that e-mails sent by employees have resulted in multi-million dollar law suits that held the employers liable.

Employees need to protect their Security. E-mails they create belong to and are immediately available to everyone and anyone, including people outside your organization. You need to protect your security and maybe your careers.

Do you know how companies can discriminate against you based on the e-mails you send?

Employers need to understand that employee e-mails can become a legal nightmare. E-mails sent on company computers can become legal documents.

What do you know about “Internet addiction?”

Excellent E-mails – More Than Etiquette- Results shows you how to get “Happy Returns” from your e-mails if you focus on the I-R-S.

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