PHH Webinars

To all my friends at Penn Highlands Healthcare

As a follow up to our Business WritingWorshop on October 18, I have sent along your access to the replays of the four recorded webinars on my site,

Each of the webinars runs about 60 minutes.

You can check out the content for each of these programs and print the handouts that accompany the webinars at

Please complete the registration form below for immediate access to the webinar or webinars of your choice. I appreciate your submitting the form because that helps me monitor the popularity of each of the webinar. Thank you.

Remember to download the Webinar Handout for each webinar on the download page.

Effective E-mails

Business Writing

Listening Skills

Smashing Writer’s Block

If you need quick reminders, please visit

And, please send me your questions, comments, or confusions at

Thank you.

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