A Listening Skills Webinar

How To Listen To People Who Don’t Listen

The four-minute video below reveals three Listening Skills skills, behaviors, and attitudes everyone should know about listening. These four minutes contain content the original webinar was unable to cover in the hour allotted.

That’s what the Wonderful World of Worthwhile Webinars is all about – content.

In these four minutes, you will discover:

1. Listening is more than hearing

2. How To Become Listening STARS

3. What Aretha Franklin has to do with effective listening.

One-hour Webinar Preview

 In your business and personal life, your Communication Skills become challenged with one of three situations.

1. You engage in a friendly conversation.

2. You try to communicate with someone who is angry and your job or your goal is to calm that person down.

3. You deal with someone who does not listen because that person’s mind is set and you want or need to present another idea or position.

These three situations require three different listening strategies.

You do not handle an angry person the way you work with someone who is trying to ask a question.

You don’t handle an argumentative person the same way you handle someone who agrees with you.

And you don’t have to “wing it” when one of these situations arises.

In this webinar, you will discover:

* A quick listening skills test you can take to test your listening ability
* Roadblocks to Effective Listening and how to avoid them
* Three Laws of Listening
* Five Rules for Better Listening
* The “Other 3 Rs,” The ones that promote truly effective Listening
* Strategies for dealing with Amicable, Angry, or Argumentative people

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