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Excellent E-mails – More Than Etiquette – Results

News Flash!

After 10 years of business use of e-mail, we have unearthed some long buried treasures about e-mail.

The short video below offers a sample of what you can expect to discover in the one-hour webinar. Roll that video.

This webinar drew 350 companies from around the world recently. That’s 350 companies, not participants!

Excellent E-mails – More Than Etiquette – Results

Think about this.

How many e-mails do you delete rather than read? Why? I’m guessing you had some pretty good reasons for deleting those e-mails. This webinar examines those reasons to reveal strategies you can use to ensure your e-mails get read rather than deleted.

The Seven Key Learning Points of This Webinar

1. Creating paragraphs with a punch

2. Saving time with your spelling option

3. Using bullets and headers to attract attention

4. Influencing your readers with sassy subject lines

5. Featuring the correct fonts for the correct purpose

6. Understanding how plain text and HTML affect e-mail

7. Discovering the most common mistakes in e-mail

The link to the webinar handout below offers a sneak preview of the valuable ideas you will discover in the program.

Webinar Handout

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Thank you. Al Borowski

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